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E-Learning course- Patient safety in clinical and resource poor settings (3 ECTS)

Patient safety in clinical and resource poor settings

(in cooperation with aQua Institute and ISQua)

(90 h student investment time, 3 ECTS)


Content Overview

This self-directed E-learning course gives general understanding on patient safety and an integrated approach to patient safety programmes by focusing on different dimensions: governance and legislation, quality improvement, human recourses, organisation, management, culture and financial impact.

After introduction to systems perspective of patient safety and patient safety risks and risk management, the last module will invite you to enter a virtual hospital, and look out for any type of potential patient safety issue in different stations, so called “hotspots”.

The course provides check lists and tools in risk management in 9 hotspots, including: central patient reception area, intensive care unit, operating theatre, central sterilization, ward management station (admission, documentation in patient file, implementation of expert nursing standards, use of SOPs, management of medications, patient information and confidentiality, communication in the ward, continual medical education and on-job trainings, discharge planning, transfusion management), pharmacy and supply, infection prevention and hospital hygiene management, obstetric care, management of human resources. Once you clicked on the relevant hotspot, an explanation will pop up on the following: (i) what is the patient safety issue or topic; (ii) what are preventive measures and follow up measures; (iii) additional information and materials are available for download on each hotspot.


Learning Objectives

The course will enable the students to:

- Use system engineering as a model for an integrated approach in patient safety

- Critically analyze the importance of risk management, related to provider organisations and processes, including diagnostic and medication management and comprehensive care.

- Develop patient safety measures in clinical setting.



Module 1: Systems perspectives of patient safety

Module 2: Patient safety risks and risk management

Module 3: Patient safety measures implementation


Target Group

- Health professionals with diverse qualifications and experiences

- Public health professionals, policy makers, private companies and relevant public administrations, project planners and coordinators, postgraduate students, independent of the geographical origin.



This course is held in English. Fluency in English

(Reading, Speaking and Writing) is required.


Teaching and Assessment

The course is offered as a self E-learning course, providing a flexibility to the students to enter and complete the modules at their convenience. It uses a mixture of provision of content in lecture modus, case studies on a practical implication of the concepts, self-test questions, case studies. Two electronic forums for organizational questions and technical questions give at any time the opportunity for direct contact to the main tutor of the course and technical experts, who are ready to answer questions and give additional input in case of need. The course is with 90 h students investment time, incl. modules completion,

reading materials, discussions on the online forums.


- Full completion of the modules and assignments within the modules (60%)

- Active participation in technical discussions on the platform of the course (10%)

- Final test (30%)


General Admission  € 300 (offer valid until 31.12. 2020)

                                € 600 (after 01.01.2021) 

All applications should be submitted online. The course is accessible at any time as soon as the registration is


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End date: 31/12/2020 04:05

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